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LaSalle Park Pentecostal Church was conceived in the heart of the pastor and the congregation of Kingston Gospel Temple in cooperation with the Eastern Ontario and Quebec District.  The official opening of LPPC was on Sunday, September 5, 1976 with 125 in attendance for the inaugural service. Reverend Keith Gonyou was the first pastor of the assembly which was located on 342 McEwen Drive in the LaSalle Park and Henderson Park area of Kingston Township.


“Heart to Heart”, the weekly radio ministry of LaSalle Park Pentecostal Church was launched in March 1983.


LaSalle Park Pentecostal Church was renamed City Christian Centre in 1988.


The property on 342 McEwen Drive was sold on January 3, 1992 due to the growth of the congregation. City Christian Centre relocated to Lancaster Drive Public School at 1020 Lancaster Drive in Kingston Township.


With a 100% vote, CCC purchased the property at the corner of Woodbine and Collins Bay Roads on December 23, 1994. Construction on the new facility began on July 26, 1996. The first service in the new location 1287 Woodbine Road was held on Sunday, February 9, 1997.  CCC paid the mortgage off in the winter of 2014. Praise the Lord!


City Christian Centre is a community of believers called of God to be part of the Body of Christ.  That which makes us a community is the "common-unity" that we possess in Christ Jesus.  It is the purpose of this assembly to be an "inviting" and "including" body; a place where people can find grace and forgiveness through the authority of the cross in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Senior Pastors who have served our congregation:


1976-1977     Rev. Keith Gonyou


1977-1981     Rev. Wayne Parks


1981-1984     Rev. Colin Cleugh


1984-1986     Rev. Dennis Hillis


1986-1988     Rev. Ken Scott


1988-1999     Rev. David Moran


1999-2003     Rev. David Silver


2004-2013     Rev. Job Priddle


2013-            Rev. Stephen Heathcock

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