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NURSERY - Ages up to 36 months


At CCC we strive to have a place for everyone to learn and grow in Christ. The nursery is open each Sunday morning for children up to 36 months with caring and talented volunteers to watch and teach your child(ren) while you focus on your spiritual growth during service.

Sunday School - Ages 3 to 12


Using the Plan to Protect policy, our Sunday School program runs after worship until the end of service. We have three classes: Primary (JK - Grade 1), Intermediate (Grades 2-4) and Jr High (Grades 5-6). Our teachers strive to engage the students in classes of Biblical study and Spiritual formation, while having fun. Rhonda Newell organizes the Sunday School program and ensures a safe and fun learning environment for each child.

If it is your first Sunday, please be sure to sign your child into the program. Their safety is important to us and we want to make sure we are aware of allergies etc.

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